Bio II

Who are they?


From the Norwegian countryside comes the duo and married couple Gråblomst. "Gråblomst" is the name Maren Ingeborg and Sverre took when they married, meaning "Grey Flower". They've got pretty much everything wrong image wise, but their music is just fabulous. Quite impossible to label, but some would call it an indie folk act. The band itself could not care less. They are too old, too married and pretty much too far from cool to get any attention at all. To top it all, the singer has a mental illness that makes heavy touring impossible. However, they do occasional gigs hoping to meet others who couldn't care less about style, but love music. Just like the band.

Their second album Madame Clamour is available on major streaming serviced and on vinyl. After the first album the band realised that they needed a lot more studio time doing their next album. Scared of time pressure and pricy studio hours, they build their own studio in the small barn behind their house. They brought their home made tracks to Britsol and got the album mixed by Alistair Chant at The Playpen studio (PJ Harvey, John Parish, Maggie Björklund, Fatboy Slim). The result is a powerful thing that will grow on the listener if they are willing to open their mind for this kind of music. It's not difficult to like Gråblomst, but they do sound a bit awkward, in the lack of a better word. You should give them a try and make your own opinion.


The duo brings two more musicians when they play live, and delivers a powerful performance where a song can change style, tempo and key several times if needed. Markus Vollan plays the drums on the new album, as he will join them live together with a multi instrumentalist.


Gråblomst like to describe their music as complex simplicity. Inspired by British music from the 90's and the 70's they still got that Scandinavian touch where the melody is easily defined. If you listen several times you will find yourself humming their melodies the next day. The lyrics are dark and inspired by the singers own struggle with mental illness, and yet there is a humour in their act underlining that complex simplicity. It's tempting to quote one critic of their first album; “... a debut album that testifies extreme creative abilities”. The second album is no disappointing on this matter.